Student Visa and Immigration Support

Confidently navigate the student visa process during your international education journey. 

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Experienced assistance throughout the visa process

We know how overwhelming the visa process can be because we’ve been through it. MPOWER provides free visa support so our customers can navigate the immigration system with confidence, at every stage of their education journey – from support letters to our Path2Success career support. 

Our top student visa tips

Stay updated on the latest in immigration policy updates, learn about the differences between various student visa types, and get tips to help with your U.S. student visa interview, application, and approval process.

What is an I-20?

International students in the U.S. will need an I-20 to begin the immigration process. Find out what it is and how to get one.

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What to Do When Your Student Visa Approval is Delayed

A visa will be needed to begin your studies abroad, but what happens when you face an approval delay? We have some information to help you out.

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Maintaining Your Student Visa As a Current Student

Keeping your visa status while you’re studying in the U.S. isn’t always as simple as it seems. Here’s what you need to do to keep your visa in good standing.

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Are you ready for your U.S. visa interview? 

 in 4 visas are denied – but our trusted partner Argo has helped 2000+ clients from around the world in their visa journey. Here’s how Argo can help you: 

  • Clients receive personalized assistance and an officer that best fits their case. Assistance can include practice visa interviews with feedback, personalized interview strategies, and Q&A time with a former visa officer.
  • Team members are all former U.S. Visa Officers – trained by the U.S. Department of State and Argo to help you plan for your visa interview. 
  • They are multilingual former diplomats ready to help you in your native language! You can simply select your language of choice when booking your consultation. 

You’ve worked hard to make studying abroad happen – get the help you need from experts at ARGO to ensure your visa interview is a success.  

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Tips on becoming an international student 

Students from around the world are choosing to study in the U.S.! And while there’s a lot to learn, there are also a lot of resources online to help you prepare. We compiled key steps to help you start the journey. 

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Working on-campus with an F-1 visa 

Great news! Most students with an F-1 visa can work on-campus while maintaining their U.S. visa status. On-campus jobs might include working in the student bookstore, library, residence halls, and more. Just make sure you follow the requirements established by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. 

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