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Take charge of your future with financial resources created specifically for international students. 

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Funding an international education

Making the decision to study abroad in the U.S. or Canada is a big step toward achieving the career and life of your dreams. And securing funding for study abroad is a crucial aspect of that process. From loans for students to bank accounts and credit scores, learning about your finances will help you take charge of your future during and after your studies abroad.

Let’s talk money

From budgeting and credit scores to refinancing your loan, we’ve got you covered with the right resources.

Can I afford to study in the United States?

The cost of college can be expensive. But factors like public versus private schools, student loans, scholarships, and grants make it more accessible.

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5 Reasons to Open a U.S. Bank Account When Studying in America

From safety and flexibility to building credit, learn more about why opening a U.S. bank account while you’re studying abroad is beneficial for international students.

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What exactly is a credit score? And how do I find mine?

Learn all about the U.S. credit system, how to start building credit while you’re studying abroad, and what a good credit score makes possible.

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Fast facts for studying in Canada

Applying to study abroad in Canada? Great decision! Here are some things to keep in mind about what it’s like to be an international student in Canada:

Through 2023, students with a study permit that authorizes off-campus employment can work full-time while classes are in session and during breaks
Consider factors like public vs. private, and location when finding a university in Canada that will fit your budget
The average cost of tuition for international graduate students is US$20,000+ annually according to Statistics Canada, 2022

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Funding basics for international students

Students from around the world study in the U.S. and Canada! But the cost of studying in the U.S. isn’t always cheap. Learn more about the different ways to fund your studies abroad, from student loans to grants and scholarships.

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International student scholarships

Scholarships are a great way to fund your international studies in addition to or in place of a student loan. MPOWER offers information on leveraging scholarships, along with multiple scholarship opportunities designed specifically for international students. 

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