How to Find a Job in the USA as an International Student

by Juliet Terrill | In Academic Advising, Career Development, Path 2 Success, Pick of the month | 2 February 2021 | Updated on: May 22nd, 2023

Job Search in the USA

MPOWER is here to help you find a job in the U.S. 

We’ve been there as international students ourselves and know the best tips and tricks to getting that dream job. We’ve compiled our short-list of tactics that helped us land jobs at MPOWER Financing (among other firms).

Challenges Reported by International Students While Looking for a Job

If you’re facing issues getting a call back from a hiring manager, one of these potential issues could be at play:

  • Misunderstanding of visa rules and regulations 
  • Expecting a visa sponsorship to be time-consuming and costly
  • Concern that the student might have a language barrier

Many of these assumptions are not fair to international students, so read on for our strategies to help you navigate these hurdles without affecting your career.

Tips for Your Job Search 

Here are some tips to help set you up for success throughout the process:

  • Start Early!

Everyone should start their job hunt early, but especially international students. This should give you and your employer more time to resolve all visa requirements.

  • Research Visa Requirements

Make sure you fully understand all aspects of your visa status and what you’ll need to provide an employer and what you need from them. You’ll need to know the specifics of which visa you need, the deadlines, and costs related to applying for one. The more knowledgeable you are about your visa requirements and status, the more comfortable your employer will be!

  • Use Your School’s Resources

Every school has a career center that’s FREE and ready to help you! They most likely have experience helping international students navigate their U.S. job search and can help guide you. You should ask about connecting with any alumni in your field for tips. They can also connect you with career fairs, recruiters, and interview help.

  •  Network!

Around 70% of jobs are found through connections–whether through your university, friends, family, or elsewhere. We recommend you make a profile on LinkedIn and build up your network.

  •  Location

Some states in the U.S. have better opportunities for international students than others. States like New York, California, and Texas have larger companies that are accustomed to hiring international workers.


These tips helped us find jobs in the U.S., and we know they’ll help you too! MPOWER wishes you the best of luck on your job search.


Need more tips? Check out this blog about the goal of networking! 

Want special assistance for your career development? Learn more about our Path2Success program here.


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