MPOWER Financing and inSpring Partner to Enhance International Students’ Employment Outcomes

by MPOWER Financing | In Press Releases | 23 January 2023 | Updated on: January 23rd, 2023

The two leading student financing and talent mobility companies commit to supporting students’ career readiness and job placement after graduation

23 January 2023 – MPOWER Financing, a mission-driven fintech firm and the leading provider of education loans to promising international and DACA students, announced a new strategic partnership with inSpring, an organization dedicated to supporting students’ career outcomes after graduation. This partnership will combine MPOWER’s loan options with inSpring’s career readiness and placement services  to transform the education to career path for international candidates pursuing higher education in the U.S.  

“There’s a natural fit at the intersection of MPOWER and inSpring where we’re solving the two largest financial obstacles for international talent: access to funding and access to high-skilled career opportunities,” said Chris Hoehn-Saric, co-founder and CEO of inSpring. “This partnership represents a true catalyst in the industry to accelerate life-changing opportunities for global talent while solving for critical talent shortages in the U.S. technology and healthcare sectors. It’s a win-win.” 

The partnership between MPOWER Financing and inSpring will ensure that students financing their overseas education with MPOWER’s no-cosigner loans and scholarships have access to inSpring’s custom built career readiness program designed to launch graduates into high demand roles with technology and healthcare employers. 

inSpring’s program will work alongside MPOWER’s Path2Success program, which provides students with free resume reviews, immigration webinars and career coaching with a private career coach. inSpring offers students programming and advising services on immigration and career and access to its expanding network of employer partners.

“We’re delighted to partner with inSpring to further enhance the career potential of our students,” said Manu Smadja, co-founder and CEO of MPOWER Financing. “We’re lucky to help facilitate the incredible accomplishments of our students, which, as published in our latest impact report, includes founding companies, running for office, and making scientific discoveries. The partnership with inSpring will further accelerate opportunities for these talented students.”

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About MPOWER Financing 

MPOWER Financing, headquartered in Washington, D.C., and with employees worldwide, is a mission-driven fintech company and the leading provider of global education loans. Its proprietary algorithm analyzes overseas and domestic credit data as well as future earning potential to serve promising international and DACA students. MPOWER works with over 400 top universities across the U.S. and Canada to provide financing to students from over 200 countries. The MPOWER team consists heavily of former international students and provides students with personal financial education and career support to prepare for life after school. 

MPOWER was named one of the best places to work, one of the most diverse workplaces, and one of American Banker’s top fintech firms to work for five years in a row. They are hiring for various positions worldwide. 


About inSpring

Founded in Boston, Massachusetts, inSpring is the world’s talent mobility springboard. Through their global network of employers, educational institutions and students, inSpring transforms the education to career pipeline for international candidates and employers in the highest demand fields in the U.S. International students are the most unleveraged, high quality talent pool for the tech and healthcare sectors. inSpring has an end-to-end training and service model to optimize job readiness and connect the dots to their network of employers who are in on the secret. With focus on this mission, inSpring can progress at speed towards their broader goal of empowering the world’s talent at scale to enable economic growth, innovation, and prosperity.

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