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Attending an American university can be the best decision for your career, but finding ways to pay for school can be challenging. MPOWER is solving this problem by helping students finance their education without the need for a co-signer or credit score.

The Borrower’s Challenge

Traditionally, U.S. banks require you to have a history of good borrowing with other companies before they will determine if you’re eligible for a loan. This information appears in a U.S. credit report, but for those new to America, this report will not exist.

Traditional banks require you to have a co-signer, also called a co-borrower, who agrees to repay your loan should you default. Securing a co-signer can be difficult for international students who do not have a network of friends or family in America. Some students also find that asking someone to co-sign a loan can be an uncomfortable request.

A New Solution

One company, MPOWER Financing, understands these obstacles and believes that borrowing money for school should not be a barrier to pursuing your education.

MPOWER offers loans to students who have been admitted to top schools and programs in the U.S., without requiring a co-signer. MPOWER uses your academic and career potential to determine your approval. Your loan from MPOWER also helps build your U.S. credit history, making your financial life in America easier. Learn about the benefits of an MPOWER loan on our Borrow page.

Mpower Lender Comparison Chart Mpower Wins

Why Does MPOWER Do This?

MPOWER was founded by people who faced these problems themselves as college students and are now working to make it easier for you to achieve your dreams. MPOWER Financing is a registered B-Corp, a purpose-driven company that exists for the benefit of all of our stakeholders, customers included!

For more information, complete our fast ten-minute application.

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