3 Ways to Prepare for Graduate School

by Yasmin Lalani | In Academic Advising | 17 February 2016 | Updated on: February 17th, 2016

Did you receive some good news recently? Admitted to graduate school?


Here are three ways to prepare yourself for fall.

1. Read the news (and anything else you can get your hands on)

Knowing what’s going on in the world is important. Not only will it help you connect with your new classmates, but it will also provide depth to your studies ― you’ll be able to use current events in your class discussions and assignments.

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Staying on top of the news doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking ― it can take as little as 10 minutes a day! Check out these digital tools to have a digestible summary of the news sent to you in podcast or email form everyday:

2. Network with others in your field

Look at networking as an opportunity to discover something new about each person you talk to. Ask thoughtful questions to promote conversations about things you have in common like favorite sports, food, movies and books. You might want to shy away from charged topics such as religion, money, and politics.

Networking isn’t about asking someone to hire you or looking for a way they can help your career; it’s about finding a connection and building a relationship.

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Networking doesn’t come easy to everyone. But, like everything else, the more you practice, the better you get at it. Take a look at this list of tips on how to survive a networking event to get you started.

3. Set goals for the year

It’s important to set a goal for your first year. It could be to go to one academic or professional club event each week, or to take on a leadership role, or anything else you can think of! You can achieve any goal by having a clear and developed plan. By being thoughtful and focused, you will be able to concentrate on things that are beneficial to you and will make your experience in school rich and meaningful.

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There are many tools and strategies to help you keep track of your goals. Try out SMART Goals and check out this guide to goal setting.

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