Have an MPOWER loan? You’re pre-qualified for a Zolve U.S. credit card and bank account!

A credit card designed for international students

We’ve partnered with Zolve so every MPOWER borrower can qualify for their student credit card! That means you’ll be set up for financial independence and success as soon as you start your studies in the U.S. Details and benefits include:

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All citizenships are eligible! No SSN or U.S. credit history needed

Credit limits from $500 to $10,000 and no security deposit required

Get 5% cashback on your 5 favorite brands and 1% unlimited cashback

Free visa support letters, exclusive career strategy services and the potential for a conditional loan offer in a matter of days.

No annual and no foreign transaction fees

Ready to make the most of this opportunity? Start your MPOWER loan application today. With your MPOWER loan approval, you’ll automatically get a credit card and bank account with Zolve.

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A smart and secure way to manage your money

Your Zolve credit card comes with a bank account. International bank accounts are safer than carrying cash, and they set you up for future financial success and independence.

  • Get approved now for an MPOWER loan and get your debit card when you arrive in the U.S.
  • Transfer money internationally
  • No minimum balance and no account opening fees
  • All citizenships are eligible with approval of an MPOWER student loan
Apply Now

How it works

Get started by applying for an MPOWER loan.

Submit your MPOWER loan application.

Once you’re approved for an MPOWER student loan, we’ll work with Zolve to set up your credit card and bank account.

You’ll receive your account details 1-2 months before your program start date via email.

Activate your account and card once you arrive in the U.S. A digital card is immediately available and a physical one is waiting for you on day one!

Enjoy the benefits of your card and bank account through cashback rewards, remote deposit, and international money transfers!

Who’s Zolve?

Zolve is a cross-border fintech company that enables fair access to financial products for global citizens! We are open to anyone across the globe who is moving to the U.S. We set up your U.S. bank account and a U.S. credit card while you’re still packing your bags. Zolve helps you prepare for your financial life in the U.S., starting at day one!

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Still have questions?

We’ve got answers! Here’s what you have to look forward to:

All MPOWER customers with an approved loan application and who are pursuing studies in the U.S. are eligible, subject to Zolve’s validation of your information. This is a global offer available to students of all nationalities that MPOWER lends to.

Already in the U.S.? You can start using your credit card and bank account as soon as you activate them. 

Not in the U.S. yet? You can start using your credit card and bank account after you land in the U.S. and successfully activate them.

Yes! Your account is insured by the FDIC up to US$250,000.

Up to 5% cashback at select merchants (on the first US$1,500 in spend each quarter) and

1% cashback on other purchases. 

See all credit card rewards.

Your credit card has no annual fee and no foreign transaction fees. A late fee of up to US$40 may apply. 

See credit card terms.

16% APR. This interest rate may vary based on the prime lending rate. You can avoid paying interest by paying your balance off each month.

Each month, you must pay at least the Minimum Payment, which is the greater of (a) US$25 (or the total amount you owe if less than US$25); or (b) the sum of (1) 10% of the New Balance on your Statement (rounded upward to the nearest dollar), the periodic finance charges, and late fees, (2) any amounts that are past due, (3) the portion of your balance that exceeds your Credit Limit, (4) any late fees that have been previously billed, and (5) any applicable rewards participation fee then due.

From your online account, you may make credit card payments directly from your bank account or from an external account via electronic payment.

There are no upfront account fees or minimum account balances required. Out-of-network ATM and incoming wire fees apply.

See bank account terms.

Your account is a non-interest bearing bank account.

You can send and receive money internationally and within the US from your bank account through online electronic transfer or the debit card issued to you.

No, however, Zolve may require additional credit screening during or after account opening in order to provide you a higher credit limit.

For disputes related to transactions, please get in touch with Zolve’s 24×7 online chat support.

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