What is co-living and why is it so popular?

by Roomrs | In Immigration Assistance and Information | 5 March 2019 | Updated on: March 2nd, 2021

In recent years, the way we live, work, and experience the world has begun to shift, fueled by a desire to coexist. Co-living allows a new outlet for this approach – it’s a niche industry of intentional, community-style housing, usually facilitated by a company like Roomrs. This phenomenon is focused on the interest in creating spaces that form authentic communities for students and young professionals to thrive.

But what exactly does that mean and why are people doing it?

First and foremost, the co-living experience comes in many shapes and sizes. Each co-living company and city has different aspects to offer their members. For the most part, though, co-living is all about community, convenience, and cohabitation. With millennials and young professionals continuing to flock to highly populated, high-priced metropolitan areas, the demand for affordable, convenient living options keeps increasing.

Although each co-living company’s business model differs, co-living most often involves individuals renting a private room within a shared apartment. In the case of Roomrs, these apartments come fully furnished and move-in ready, with all necessary utilities and amenities already provided. New members need only bring their most essential personal items, to help them feel truly at home. The experience also usually comes with plenty of other perks. Roomrs, for example, offers amenities like WiFi, monthly cleanings, and heat and air conditioning included in the rent at no extra cost.

Once someone moves into a co-living space, they become part of a community. In most cases, this means access to community events, discounts at local and national businesses, and other benefits. On top of all of that, Roomrs and other similar companies, offer flexible lease terms to members, making it an appealing option for renters regardless of the length of their stay.

In many ways, co-living takes all the hassles of the typical moving process out of the equation. It allows members to effortlessly tap into resources, communities, and environments without worrying about the logistics often involved with housing. Co-living creates a space that naturally brings together a wide variety of individuals, fostering interaction and collaboration.

All of this also comes at an affordable cost and for a flexible time frame. Though still a new concept, co-living offers a unique housing solution that will vastly improve how New Yorkers live.

To learn more about what Roomrs has to offer, check out their website!

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