US & Canada Student Visa and Immigration Updates: Sep 2020

by Juliet Terrill | In Guides and Tools, Immigration Assistance and Information | 30 September 2020 | Updated on: April 13th, 2021

US & Canada Student Visa and Immigration Updates: September 2020

This month’s resources are all about immigration! If you missed our September newsletter, check out the resources below for all you need to know about immigrating to North America. 

You can find the previous edition of our resources here.


  • The U.S. Visa Process after COVID-19

As embassies have started to reopen visa applications, you likely have many questions on your mind –  

  1. What to expect in the new normal?
  2. What are some common tips that I can use to ace my interview?
  3. Are there any likely changes I should anticipate with the visa process?

Click here to watch the video and hear Mandy Feuerbacher, a former consular officer of the U.S. Government, answer all of these questions and more.


  • Updates on H-1B Visas

Some good news for those who have previously applied for an H-1B visa through the lottery! The U.S. did not reach its annual quota from the April drawing due to complexities resulting from  COVID-19. Check out this article to learn more and see if you may be in luck!


  • Learn more about your Green Card Options

Exploring your U.S. visa options? Learn more about the benefits of the EB-5 visa for international students on our website! This article covers the timeline and perks such as tuition savings.


  • The U.S. Needs International Students 

Is it your dream to study abroad in the U.S.? Don’t be discouraged by the short-term impact of the pandemic on your plans –  U.S. colleges understand how important international students are and are looking for ways to support students like you. Watch this video to see more.


  • Canadian Restrictions for Fall 2020

Read this article to learn more about the travel restrictions on international students arriving in Canada, including the most recent timeline and quarantine requirements.


  • Canadian Immigration Story

A hopeful story for those already in Canada! Many students work hard to gain admission to schools in the U.S. and Canada, and dream of building their futures in these countries for work and other opportunities. Our friends at shared this article highlighting the story of Ziad, an engineering student in Canada who gained accreditation and visa status.


  • Interested in the Medical Field?

For our borrowers in the medical field, our friends at F1 Doctor are running a mentorship channel for international pre-meds, pre-dental and current medical and dental students free of cost. Read about their program and mentors here.

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