Announcing Our New 追梦永不息 Scholarship for Chinese Graduate Students

by Alex Hoshino | In Press Releases | 22 December 2022 | Updated on: December 22nd, 2022

Chinese citizens are more frequently considering studying abroad to level-up their professional prospects. These students have traditionally taken advantage of international study, and represent nearly 40% of all foreign students in the U.S. today. Interest in getting a degree overseas has increased recently – but why?

Patrick, a Ph.D. student from Guangdong, studied abroad in the United States for both his undergraduate and graduate degree. He left China at age 16 to ‘pursue better education in the United States,’ and is now earning his doctorate in Computer Science.

Ewa, also a Computer Science student, walked a different path. She’s a liberal arts student turned STEM graduate who decided to change careers after shifts in the tutoring industry. By considering international study, she was able to find a program designed for career transitioners. Now she’s in school and looking forward to her post-graduation salary boost! 

Ewa and Patrick’s stories aren’t unique. Consequences of the pandemic in recent years, coupled with the continuous changes in government policies, have affected many industries. That presents both challenges and opportunities for young professionals; some are considering re-planning their career paths, while others are deciding whether now is the time to level-up their career with a degree. Both consider international study as a pathway to their new future. 

Enrolling in a graduate program in the U.S. or Canada can be a powerful tool for gaining access to the world-class expertise and international business experience companies are looking for on resumes. Just as importantly, it also allows students to immerse themselves in a multicultural exchange of ideas. 

There’s only one problem: the cost! Higher education can be expensive. 

That’s where our new scholarship comes in. 

Patrick described the difficulty of financing his education without putting his family’s home up for collateral. You can watch his video to learn more about how he overcame his funding challenges.

Ewa had trouble funding her degree by herself, too. “In the beginning, I prepared some money,” Ewa remarked. “But after I arrived, I found that the money I had prepared was not enough. I consider myself a very frugal person, but the necessary expenses are still at a stretch level. Rent, commuting…facing these bills, the pressure was great.”

Despite a few financial hurdles, both Patrick and Ewa have overall positive outcomes to share about their study abroad. Ewa was even accepted into two programs and had the privilege of picking between her top choices! 

At MPOWER, we realize there are tens of thousands of Chinese students just like Ewa and Patrick who deserve the same opportunity to succeed.

To help those students succeed in their graduate studies, we are introducing our newest scholarship! The 追梦永不息 Scholarship (“Chasing Dreams Never Ends”) Scholarship will recognize high-achieving graduate students from China with prizes up to US$5,000. This initiative is part of our wider efforts to help international students worldwide through our Global Citizens Fund, which represents a five-year, US$500,000 scholarship commitment. 

To apply, graduate students of Chinese nationality should visit our scholarships page and answer the following essay question: 

Please tell us how your cultural background informs your educational journey and/or professional goals, and describe how your graduate degree will help you make an impact in your field of choice. 

The first round of our 谁说不可以,追梦永不息 Scholarship ends on January 22, 2023. Apply now here

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