Are Past-due Balances Keeping Your Students From Continuing Their Studies?

by Ashley Fassell | In University Partners | 25 September 2018 | Updated on: July 22nd, 2020

Students on every campus run the risk of not being able to re-enroll for fall classes due to past-due balances. For graduates, an outstanding balance may prevent a student from receiving their diploma. For university personnel in the Bursar’s Office, Financial Aid, or the Business Office, the month of September is particularly active. Most students are back to continue their studies, but those with past-due account balances are unlikely to have returned to your campus.

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MPOWER can assist your international and DACA students who have past-due balances with continuing their studies:

  • Our student loans can be used to pay outstanding university balances as long as they are not more than 180 days past due.
  • If your office has spring or summer graduates whose past-due balances have prevented them from receiving their diploma, a loan from MPOWER may be the solution to getting their certificate in hand… and get receivable balances off the university’s books.
  • For international students whose university balances are current but need help covering other school-related expenses like books, off-campus housing, and meals, MPOWER provides loans as low as $2,001 to cover such needs.

MPOWER Financing provides fast loan decisions for your international and DACA students so they can return to the classroom quickly – they’ll know within a day or two whether they are approved. We provide funding even if the student has already taken out loans with other lenders. Most importantly, MPOWER does not require a co-signer or collateral!

MPOWER is here to help your school’s international and DACA students return to campus to complete their studies. To find out more information, contact our University Relations team today!

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