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  • How International Students can Find a job in the USA
    2 February 2021

    How to Find a Job in the USA as an International Student

    We know the challenges of finding a job as an international student because we’ve been through it! Here are our top tips and tricks for finding a job, based on our experience.

  • How to Apply to U.S. Universities
    8 December 2020

    How to Apply to U.S. Universities

    As an international student, you are likely to have questions about how to apply to study abroad in the U.S. It can be confusing to follow the procedures if you’re not familiar with them….

  • Guide to Applying to University in Canada
    13 October 2020

    Applying to Canadian Universities? Things To Know

    How to Apply to Canadian Universities 1. Introduction about “studying in canada”  Choosing to study abroad is an important life decision that can change your future. Studying in Canada could be the right choice…

  • 8 April 2022


    Live Events: Join Us for Our Next Q&A Knowledge is power. We’ll get you set up for success!   MPOWER’s live Q&A webinars are your chance to ask us anything. Join us on Zoom to…

  • Webinars for International Students in the U.S. & Canada
    5 August 2020

    Webinars for International Students in the U.S. & Canada

    Want to know more about our loans or have any specific questions about your application? Our team regularly hosts information sessions to connect with you and answer queries.  Check out the list below for…

  • How are Universities Responding to the Coronavirus?
    1 June 2020

    How are Universities Responding to the Coronavirus?

    Universities and students across the world have scrambled to adjust to the complex circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. During this stressful and unprecedented time, MPOWER wanted to highlight a few universities who…

  • COVID-19

    COVID-19 Resources for Students: June 2020

    We hope you’re staying safe and healthy during this unprecedented health crisis. MPOWER remains passionate about connecting students to the resources you need during your journey.

  • Top 30 Universities in the USA in 2020
    30 March 2020

    List of Top 30 Universities in the USA in 2020

    Introducing the Best U.S. Universities for International Students! As a student lender, we care greatly about the outcome of your education, after all — we want you to be in a financial position that…

  • Digital Marketing
    16 January 2020

    MPOWER Digital Marketing Competition

    Are you an MBA or design student looking for a case competition where your international background will be a huge plus?

    Do you sometimes see online ads geared towards international students and think “I could design a better ad than that”?

    Are you looking to boost your résumé?

  • Watch out for this scam
    8 October 2019

    Don’t Fall for This Scam Targeting International Students

    “We would like to alert you to a cyberbullying scam that is becoming prominent among international students.
    Students are receiving friend requests and subsequent video calls from fake Facebook accounts. The friend request is often from an account that is part of many student groups and seems genuine.

  • U.S. Universities and Colleges With the Best Return on Investment, 2020
    5 September 2019

    U.S. Universities and Colleges With the Best Return on Investment, 2020

    The U.S. is one of the top countries for students who are looking to avail of international education from the best universities. But the cost of education can make it difficult to determine if spending that money is worth the salary you’d earn later.

    In the U.S., you must have the total funds available for the entire planned period of study before you start school. Scholarships can be a great support in financing your education, and you should explore more about it before planning to study in the U.S.

  • Contest_banner
    7 August 2019


    All the new students coming to the U.S. for the first time need your help! Enter our Secret Campus Getaway Contest for your chance to win.

  • summer getaway
    1 August 2019

    5 Top Summer Getaways You Do Not Want To Miss

    There are ups and downs in your life, so give yourself a break if you’ve been struggling. Traveling is an opportunity for you to refresh, turn into a better version of yourself, and push off dealing with those ups and downs for when you get back to your normal life. 

  • 23 July 2019

    MPOWER Financing’s amazing team is growing bigger and stronger

    MPOWER Financing got amazing interns in the D.C. office this June. Thank you to all the talent joining MPOWER, which makes the team even more powerful! Every single intern is leading their own project during the summer, and making their amazing goals come true. Read on to learn more about our outstanding interns!

  • 3 July 2018

    MBA Application Strategy: Your 7-step Approach

    The world’s top business schools have announced their MBA admissions deadlines for the Class of 2021. First up is the R1 deadline for Harvard Business School on Wednesday, September 5, 2018. Round 1 deadlines…

  • Mpower Top 3 Tips For Financing Your MBA
    20 February 2018

    Top 3 Tips for Financing your MBA

    If you’re applying for Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs, it’s probably not a surprise that getting an MBA is a major financial commitment. Not only are you going to forgo two years of…

  • Mpower 8 Key Factors on How To Choose An MBA Program
    13 February 2018

    8 Key Factors on How to Choose an MBA Program

    The MBA degree is a coveted distinction, particularly from the world’s top business schools. Yet no two programs are the same, making it essential to think carefully about where to apply. So how do…

  • How to Be a Money-Smart Graduate Student
    14 November 2017

    How to Be a Money-Smart Graduate Student

    Money will be tight if you’re a full-time graduate student, even if you don’t have student loans. But NerdWallet can help you use your student budget intelligently with their key strategies. Whether you’ll be…

  • Mpower 4 Ways to Make Money As A College Student
    24 October 2017

    4 Ways to Make Money as a College Student

    Making money as a student – especially as an international student – can be tricky. Thanks to Nerdwallet, below are four ways to get paid as a student. Let us know if any of…

  • Mpower Reflections MBA
    21 July 2017

    Reflections On Course Selection From a Halfway MBA

    Being an MBA student is an incredible time. There are industry leaders and field experts giving lectures on every topic under the sun. There are more student group events than days in a week….

  • Mpower Student Credit Card
    14 March 2017

    Student Credit Cards: Really for Students?

    There’s one huge obstacle that stops many International students from signing up for both student loans and credit cards in the United States. What is it? Lack of U.S. credit history. Here at MPOWER,…

  • Interning During The School Year: Resume Strengthener Or GPA Annihilator?
    4 November 2016

    Interning During The School Year: Resume Strengthener Or GPA Annihilator?

    Interning during the school year is a great way to build up your resume. In theory, if you interned every semester during your undergraduate or graduate program, you’d have double to quadruple the amount…

  • Mpower Two Reasons Why Spending Time With Your Professors Outside The Classroom Is A Good Idea
    22 July 2016

    Two Reasons Spending Time With Your Professors Outside Of The Classroom Is Not A Bad Idea

    Seeing your professors during class may seem like enough. It’s not. Professors have office hours to help students with additional questions about their class material, and taking advantage of those opportunities can be beneficial…

  • Mpower College Savings
    19 April 2016

    How To Pay For School: A Beginner’s Guide To Financial Aid And Scholarships

    Whether you are in the beginning stages of a college search or well underway in your academic pursuits, it’s always a good idea to think about how you can cut down your college tuition…

  • Mpower 2016 STEM Opt Extension
    13 April 2016

    How To Work In The U.S. As An International Stem Student: A Beginner’s Guide To The 2016 Opt Extension

    On May 10, 2016, a new rule published in the Federal Register will allow students who have studied a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) field in the U.S. to apply for a longer…

  • Pay for College and Gain Experience: Working and Interning During the School Year as an International Student
    22 March 2016

    Pay for College and Gain Experience: Working and Interning During the School Year as an International Student

    During the school year, your primary focus as a student should be academic success. However, if you have free time, you should consider a part-time job. You will gain valuable work experience and may…

  • How to Land a Job Before You Graduate: On-Campus Recruiting
    8 March 2016

    How to Land a Job Before You Graduate: On-Campus Recruiting

    On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) While you can always independently apply for jobs, many university career centers offer help through their On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) services. OCR serves as a recruiting method for employers looking to hire…

  • Mpower 3 Ways to Prepare for Graduate School
    17 February 2016

    3 Ways to Prepare for Graduate School

    Did you receive some good news recently? Admitted to graduate school? Congratulations! Here are three ways to prepare yourself for fall. 1. Read the news (and anything else you can get your hands on)…

  • Mpower Our Top 8 Tools for International Students Preparing to Come to the U.S.
    26 January 2016

    Our Top 8 Tools for International Students Preparing to Come to the U.S.

    Applications. Visas. Money transfers. And just what is the difference between a college and a university? Preparing to come to the U.S. for academic study can be overwhelming. At MPOWER, we hear from international…

  • Mpower Back To School Checklist
    5 January 2016

    8 Ways to Meet 2016 Head On: MPOWER’s 2016 School Preparedness Checklist

    Don’t let procrastination sneak up on you in 2016. Many of you will be starting school in a few months’ time. While it may seem a long time away, the weeks will fly. Before…

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